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  • Artist Info: Hey everybody, some of you might know my real name if you do , Dont stalk me! i can not stress that enough.Second if you dont know my name then Sucks for ya!.<br />
    <br />
    Some times i could be mean, other times not so much.Im very kind hearted if you don't piss me off sometimes i cool down quickly other times no.I may have a big mouth that always gets me in trouble ,but at least im not afraid to say whats on my mind.Also very creative if you hate my artwork go jump in a ditch and go to hell heart .TIcked off easly has bad temper if im not having a good day. If i could i would sleep all day and eat cookies and read my manga, and p.s if you make fun of what i read i would throw a chair at you. Don't say i didn't warn you plus my life has been basicly hell since i could remember , it was etheir you become strong,no emotions ,and well serious or you become weak and nobody there to help you.Most people think i should smile more but i always wanted to say"What for??" but then they would think im selfcenterd and many more things , to be honest i dont think at least in my past that i can remember there was no one who i could really trust every time i showed kindness they took it instead of being nice back they betraded me so that why i never really do trust the first people i met.......<br />
    <br />
    Sry im babbleing huh? well hope you like my profile
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