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  • Artist Info: -I'm 17. (&gt;" wink &gt; I'm a big bad S3Ni0R in HS this year. <br />
    -I live in IL, USA. This winter we're gunna get heaps of snow, yet again.....It's a good thing, yet a not so good thing. <br />
    -I thoroughly enjoy music and movies.<br />
    -I love my kitten to death! She makes my day no matter what type of shitty mood I'm in.<br />
    -I love singing in the car. Honestly, who doesn't? Admit it. You do, too. Only problem though, is if it's a goodie I get reeaally into it and it's not a pretty sight.<br />
    -I'm a recovering facebook'alic at the moment.<br />
    -I come on here to express my stupidity; nothing serious.<br />
    -I don't obsessively come on, though. Not like I used to when I first started out. Infact, I don't come on too much at all. But, if you see me on send me a msg. Let's act foolish together biggrin <br />
    User Image Did I mention I'm in love with sexy animated asian men? lmfao<br />
    User Image User Image User ImageCheck out ma bestest fwiend in ze whole vide world, Aki Kurayamino, okay? :3
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