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  • Artist Info: nAME: tIFFANY<br />
    nICKNAME: tIA<br />
    LIVE: North Carolina<br />
    Luv:Cookies,Movie,Outside,Play,computer,Bunny,animal,Buddies&family heart <br />
    DISLIKE: Skate Borad, Cat, Water, soda(Coke).<br />
    Im thee most popluar girlz it hard to be or not to be or in or ur out!<br />
    Well, i dont like to be popluar! I just be Meh self!<br />
    Beinq poplura:kool(Not rlly) <br />
    Well, beinq popluar ppl doesn't likez u and who yu are!<br />
    Beinq ur delf:Awesome<br />
    Beinq ur self is sweet cuz u could makes friend and have fun!<br />
    Beinq noob: WHo care<br />
    Beinq a jerk: Not cool<br />
    Takes my vice if you don't want too fine!#id_comments {overflow: auto; height: 325px; overflow-x: hidden;} <br />
    <br />
    #id_about {overflow: auto; height: 400px; overflow-x: hidden;} <br />
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    #id_wishlist {overflow:scroll; overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y:auto; height: 100px; width: 100px;} <br />
    #id_about {overflow: auto; height: 400px; overflow-x: hidden;} <br />
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