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    Well you're at my profile now you should be reading this & memorizing.<br />
    `- I go by Vanessa. I have two common nicknames; Nessa & Ness. I came to this so called place "Earth" on April 15. I live somewhere in who knows where. Maybe under your bed ? I am between the age 1-100. I have cousins on this site & who knows what we do. I love making new friends & getting random PM's. I am single & crushing so DON'T try to flirt. I really like this guy. He MIGHT like me. He did before but his ex-girlfriend who broke-up w/ him keeps getting in the way so I have no chance. He's been my best friend & I've liked him for nine months. LONG TIME, I can go longer. Anyways, on to what I like & dislike.<br />
    <br />
    Likes;<br />
    •Guys.<br />
    •Sad Music<br />
    •TWILIGHT ♥<br />
    •That guy </3<br />
    •Random PM's<br />
    •Sugar/Candy<br />
    •GOLDDD<br />
    •Quotes<br />
    •Friends<br />
    •Twitter<br />
    <br />
    Dislikes;<br />
    •wEn PpL wRiT lYk DiS<br />
    •Scammers<br />
    •Noobs<br />
    •Beggers<br />
    •Bitches<br />
    •Fake people<br />
    •People who say they're something they're not.<br />
    <br />
    `- Sorry I got carried away, aha. Well yeah. That basically describes me. If you wanna know me just PM me. Also, DON'T ask me for gold. kthxbye ♥ (:
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