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  • Artist Info: My name is hannah and ive been on gaia since about 2007. Umm heres a short description of me:<br />
    *blonde hair<br />
    *blue eyes<br />
    *about 5'2<br />
    I usually wears t-shirts and skinny jeans with vans or converse<br />
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Anyways, i love dirt bike, and drag racing. I also love to go ride atv's and horses when i visit my folks in arizona. My favorite thing to drink is monster energy. I just got my drum set, so now i am a official drummer > biggrin . I've always wanted to move and live in floride. Idk why. I hate school and wish it was never created. In my opinion school is just a fancy word for prison. I tend to do the best in P.E >:p. I have 2 great dogs that are the in te world. I love them with all of my heart <3. My favorite bands are second theif,disturbed,Black veil brides,brokencyde, BOTDF,system of a down, my chemical rommance and scars on broadway. I dont just like heavy medal i also like techno. My favorite color is black and neon green. I love writting poetry. I am N-O-T emo. Alot of people describe me as a happy emo because of my hair and my attitude. You can add me on facebook under Hannah Sixx. I think thats enough for now, so uhh bye i guess????<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    Total Value: 940,462 Gold<br />
    [Item Information]<br />
    <br />
    Item List:<br />
    Super Powers<br />
    Elemental Wings<br />
    Black Leather Belt<br />
    Suspenders<br />
    Cherry Red Polyester Necktie<br />
    Black Strapless Bra<br />
    Red Roses Arm Tattoo<br />
    Goti the Kid<br />
    Shiny Black Short Shorts<br />
    Black Fishnet Stockings<br />
    Opal Borealis<br />
    Reve Rouille 9th Gen.<br />
    Street Fighter IV Megapack<br />
    Biohazard Mood Bubble<br />
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