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  • Artist Info: Peace, pot, quitla shot. Fuck the guy you think is hot. Life's a bitch, so when you die...screw the world lets get high! Thats mi saying!!!! No one takes it or I'll shove a beer bottle up your ASS! Hee,hee!<br />
    <br />
    *Hack!*~Hey! You guys are uber gay if you dont like katiee!! She is bomb and fun to be arounndd!! biggrin Sometimes, We do Dumb A** things, but you know what?? Thats How We Roolll!! Haha, So..Heres A Funny Story Katie, Me, My Parents, And my Brothers Went to Disney land. There was this weird tunnel that had fake pirate gold, so katie thought this one see threw box was the most interesting. She literally pressed her nose and face against the glass, and examined it. All, of a sudden, This weird lookin pirate with black teeth poped up and she FREAKEEDDDDDD! biggrin the back of the tunnel laffin because you could hear her from miles away. Oh Yea, Its Amii!! I HACKED KATIE!!! biggrin ~~~Ami (Da Pimp Hoe!)
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