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    call me whatever yhu'd like and trust me, i wont give a shxt.♥ legitimate slackoff; thats the way she likes it. happily engaged; don't crush on mee. im a foo' but im not a dumbass; dont mess with mee. yhu think yhur the shitt ? then i musst be the sewerage(-lil weezy). straight outta Cali, im waay to alive to ever dropdead. got a loadd of beautiful people in my life right now;but it'd be dope if i could make yhu one of them.(: keep yhur nose away&outta my pott. dont need any fits, or dramatics.pleasseekthankss<3 try keepin' up with me, sweetie, and yhu'll get thrown behind. hit mee up. <br />
    i run with The Freshest<br />
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