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  • Artist Info: ELLO EVERAYBOOODY....k well im like obbsessed with music, the only time i don't listen to it when i can is usually when im with my bff...she knows who she is...i also love anything that has to do with applesauce..don't ask why because i am not completely sure...i also hate fat ppl( unless they are awesome enough for me not to hate them) i'll laugh at anybody with and afro! and my and my bff....again, she knows who she is...are emo, but don't think that means that we are all scary and dark and creepy...well we kinnda are ig...but we can also be sorta normal when we want to be! im extremely random and.....ummmm...oh yeah, sarcastic! and if you want to ask me questions then do not be afraid...im not going to turn around and kill you with my pocket knife!!!!!!( that is, unless i think you are fat...) ummm soooo yeah i also have a blade thingie i cut myself with ( but thats not the only thing that makes me emo, so if ur emo don't be pissy!) and its name is popcicle! then i have a pocket knife named Hugglez, i don't cut myself with hugglez, he is just my comfort knife~!!!!! LUV U ALL!!!! <br />
    <br />
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