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  • Artist Info: hi im Ian<br />
    <br />
    im 16<br />
    i cannot resist the sweet temptation of pizza.<br />
    omnomnomnom..<br />
    i like to draw<br />
    freerun/parkour but im just starting<br />
    i like rock,classic and techno<br />
    i like animals.<br />
    i like food.<br />
    i like nice ppl.<br />
    random stuffs come into my mind. many random stuffs.<br />
    i need anger management.<br />
    i hate getting wet.<br />
    i always go like "HMRAAAAGGGGHHHRRG!!! when i get wet.<br />
    i play alot of pc games.<br />
    i am skeptic<br />
    i am hyper at times.<br />
    if theres one thing u dont want me to hold its a stick or anything i can hit u with <br />
    >: D<br />
    ull know more about me when u meet me.<br />
    User Image<br />
    thats me and my dad's airgun >: D
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