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  • Artist Info: Hello,<br />
    I'm Diane, I am 16 years old, i'm from england,<br />
    I have a male account smile because i am cool, I AM a FEMALE ;]<br />
    I am straight also and i do infact have a boyfriend ;]<br />
    I'm going to start college this september ;] wooo<br />
    I like drawing but don't get me wrong i am infact "crap" at drawing.<br />
    I have two/three best friends one of which goes on here smile <br />
    I'm into alsorts of music♥<br />
    Hmmm i don't know what more you need to know about me.... hmmm....<br />
    I'm a twin? maybe thats a bit tooo much information ;B<br />
    <br />
    Please do not call me a "newbie noob" as i am NOT, i have had a user with gaia online since 2006, my first user was called cute1993 but she got hacked D: then i had strawberry sugar muffins who got banned, i would not like to go into to much detail why she did,<br />
    <br />
    Thankyou for reading smile
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