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  • Artist Info: im a sonic fan and have all the games<br />
    i also like kingdom hearts<br />
    bleach<br />
    naruto<br />
    and music<br />
    <br />
    my avatars story<br />
    <br />
    My name was Anthony until I got strange powers. I was a normal middle schooler until I lit the bathroom in the 8th grade hallway on fire. After that I went back to my normal life, thinking that it was some fluke but, to my luck, it was not. The next day some men in black came in the morning as I got off the bus. I tried to duck in my hoodie but karma's a bitch. All I saw was one going after me and then he grabbed me. I'm not going to get seen like this, I thought to myself as all my friends looked at me. I slipped out of my hoodie and ran for it, not looking back. I got my mom's , I ran around the corner only to see the guys in black...<br />
    they saw me as i saw them so i tried to run but this time they had more guys in black.then i did the thing that would make gasp in ah i tried to fight and i was doing well in till i had to run more.but i ran into one of the friends that will help me...
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