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    <( H allo, I am Kookie (or Cookie). First of all, I'm not Dutch and I don't know Dutch. Actually, I don't know any language besides English...although I think Dutch is an interesting language, so I use a translator. So if I translate something wrong..well, now you know why. ^-^; My real name is Emily, and my main account is I-Cookie-chan-I. I am feared of being hacked though, since....well....long story; My other mule account was an account to prove that all hacks/bots don't work. So, while testing a hack on my mule, I foolishly typed in my password. Then after I clicked the button, I realized that my mule password is the same as my main. So, I tried changing my main, but it wouldn't let me for no reason..o.o; Maybe a glitch, but I made this account to transfer my items, gold and such. I play on this account alot, trying to earn more gold..so I guess you could say this is my second main. I'm not the sort of person that will tell you her age, phone number, address and where she lives. I tend to ramble alot as well, so if you hate a chatterbox- leave now. <br />
    <br />
    Well, now I'll just say some things about me that might be important. ^-^<br />
    1. I love matching, I have serious issues with everything matching. If my profile doesn't match with my avi, change it. If posting format don't match with avi, change it. If you don't match, thats fine with me. So if I'm changing alot, you can see why. 2. I HATE TEXT TALK. Wen ppl tlk liek tis it sickens me, and could you please bother to use a period, or some use or grammar? I'm not saying I won't be friend's with someone who text talks, I'm just saying I will tell them not to do it around me..or I'll just try to ignore it. I'm okay with brb or idk or lol or lmao, things like that. 3. Swearing in every sentence is so annoying, learn how to control your temper. I will usually swear ONCE when I am really pissed off, and I will only swear to make my point that I am outraged. 4. Everyone makes mistakes, and if you see me make one, please tell me and I will thank you. I'm not the kind of person that will try and fight back if I make a mistake. 5. I like debating, not arguing over something silly. 6. I can't tell if your stating an opinion if you don't say I think, or, in my opinion, otherwise I will tell you, "That's your opinion, not a fact." Then you'll probably say, "I know that, I was just stating my opinion." "Oh..sorry." 7. I like using long words or just some different words, it increases my vocabulary. 8. I don't troll for fun, I don't call people anything. I try to be as polite as possible. <br />
    My favorite number is 8 so I'll stop the list there. Oh, and my dream is to become a mangaka, or create my own anime. I prefer drawing over animating, but animating is fun too. :3 Also, I love avi art- or donations/ gifts. If I get one of those, I will always give you back avi art in return, since..I..sort of need to practice. ^-^; I hate boring standing people though..I like poses, and if you don't like it I guess that's too bad. ;3 If you have a really cluttered or complex avi...well you might get a very weird looking avi art...^-^;;
    <br />
    <br />
    Anyway, that's just a little about me, add me to find out more. In real life, I'm not that social..I only open up to my friends. Although, on the internet I can try to be very social, but I'm mostly shy...so always try and start the conversation...I'll keep going if it's interesting. )>
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