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    Peace,<333 , & Happiness <br />
    ahaha. Im good. i <33 food <3 sleep <3 in-n-out. dislikes vegetables. i get bored easily. i laugh at things that aren't funny. im random. i love cheese its.im different. i speak my mind and hide nothing.im not scared to say no.im come off happy...but thats only cuz ppl make me laugh. 1st impressions r whack.everyone deserves a 2nd chance. if u dont like me - idc. i am me. plain and simple. i want change for anyone. i dont like ppl tht lie to me.dont waste my time. i can be nice, but also mean.but only if you give me a reason to be. u get to kno me, ill get to kno u.i wont put up w/ ur crap.talk bad 'bout meh???u just make me laugh.i hate secrets. i HATE secret love. i love domo. luv freenz. i hate drama & ppl who start it.im doneee. <br />
    Hi AJ! It be Alex's Hack note! AJ Is the cutest little guy you'll ever meet! He's amazing, lovable, and has fuzzy hair! :[) He loves Domo! Haha! I remember 5th grade..When I replaced Domo's eye with a tictac..HAHA! Good times! I love him! I LOVE YEW MY BOii! :]<br />
    ~Hauntly <br />
    ^ Shes kewl! ^<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Write me a note - ill write bak. aha! live with me, like me, idc if u dont <br />
    <br />
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