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  • Artist Info: I like to write poems, all kinds of stuff and drawing, smoking weed. All that good stuff. I don't like to get close to others, but when I do you'll see another side of me. As for myself, only I can see the real me when I'm by myself. The best way to get to know me is to read what I write or listen to my music. I write fanfic its just my thing, user: princess mAlice<br />
    other:<br />
    yum_puddi 19 years<br />
    yum_puddi Jesus is life<br />
    yum_puddi listen to heavy metal<br />
    gaia_crown princess pisces<br />
    yum_puddi queen of apathy<br />
    yum_puddi i was born with gray eyes, now they're hazel<br />
    yum_puddi favorite colors are peach, charcoal, && black <br />
    yum_puddi i like, dark small and scary things, <br />
    but I hate bugs...<br />
    favorite words: baebeh, babiecaeks yum_strawberrypie
    <br />
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