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  • Artist Info: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Broken is my soul and abundant is my pain<br />
    Pale is my skin as thoughts go insane<br />
    Love is so absent hate is so real<br />
    Deep are my wounds that refuse to heal<br />
    Silent is my voice and my heart is now dead<br />
    Trapped I'm a prisoner inside of my own head<br />
    Vision becomes blurry I'm lost inside a dream<br />
    Memories so close I feel like I should scream<br />
    Deep are my thoghts my face shows no expression<br />
    Dark are these feelings that lead me to depression<br />
    I hope to see a distant light clear away this cold black<br />
    I've come so far and done so much there's no way to turn back<br />
    My frown becomes a smiling face and eyes become so white<br />
    Reality seems to drift away far beyond my sight<br />
    Love becomes a distant flame that now turns into coal<br />
    Illusion is the thought of climbing from this dark hole<br />
    Put me in a straight jacket and cleanse me of my sin<br />
    Put me into these white walls and don't return again<br />
    Just forget what I have done and all that I have said<br />
    My heart is weak, my soul is blue, and my heart is dead<br />
    Pick apart what I have left and look under my skin<br />
    Take away what I have done and release it from within<br />
    Though I am dead and gone and there's still so much to do<br />
    I rise like a phoenix from these ashes but can't begin anew <br />
    Though I will not forget why I have left this place<br />
    All that remains is my lost love and a smiling face<br />
    My heart will bleed and my soul will churn forever till I'm dead<br />
    Though feelings cahnge and people go my heart remains so red <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Hello, my name is Sierra but you can<br />
    call me whatever you<br />
    like. _____________________________<br />
    ______ I live in Illinois right now but that will quickly change. __________________________<br />
    _______ I seem to be always<br />
    smiling even when I hurt inside.<br />
    The way I see it is, my pain is for<br />
    myself and it doesn't need to be in<br />
    anyone else's<br />
    life. ____________________________<br />
    _______ I'm abnormal, I already<br />
    know that. I'm weird and I know<br />
    I'm crazy. My imagination is<br />
    strange, as it likes to take it's<br />
    journeys every now and then. My<br />
    sense of humor is not funny, yet I<br />
    can always make people<br />
    laugh. ___________________________<br />
    _________ I like to think that I'm<br />
    smart; but my grades are just plain<br />
    normal. __________________________<br />
    __________My stepdad is an alcoholic,<br />
    and he is violent with it, which<br />
    makes life so much easier. Sarcasm.<br />
    Yes, sarcasm rules my<br />
    days. ____________________________<br />
    _______ I'm friendly but I don't<br />
    take shit and I don't like<br />
    everyone. I'm picky with who I<br />
    like. <br />
    ________________________<br />
    __________<br />
    _________________________ I'm<br />
    always up for a chat, if you ever<br />
    need someone to talk to or even<br />
    just listen. I promise I'll always<br />
    be here, because I know what it's<br />
    like to be<br />
    alone. ___________________________<br />
    ________ R.I.P Identical twin<br />
    sister.<br />
    ___________________________________<br />
    R.I.P Nanny.<br />
    ___________________________________<br />
    R.I.P Amber.<br />
    ___________________________________<br />
    R.I.P Aunt Cora.<br />
    ___________________________________<br />
    & I just found out my Nana's<br />
    neighbor (he's like my long lost<br />
    grandpa), whom is 98 years old, has<br />
    leukemia and he wont be having<br />
    treatment. He just wants to be up<br />
    there with his wife, other than<br />
    down here without<br />
    her. _____________________________<br />
    _ Welcome to my life.<br />
    <br />
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