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    Hello people. This is Leena and I am 19-year old gal who lives far far away from the place where she would like to live. But that's just life and it gives people challenge to get there where they want to. So I have to fill that mission by doing my best and live life happily and cheerful like I am doing now~~<br />
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    I been on gaia over two years and had many friends and lost almost them all. But still managed to keep some few good ones and they always have been there for me.<br />
    I don't like random adds but still I like making new friends so talking first and then adding. <br />
    <br />
    I think that's enough of unnecessary stuff you don't have to know about me. I'm also an artist and I do commissions as well. At least if you offer good money. ^^<br />
    Here's my Deviantart<br />
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