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  • Artist Info: Bananas for all, and to all a good fight!! or something like that... <br />
    Hi, I'm bobbshoelace...me--> ( '_')--<(>_') <--poor, unloved you<br />
    <br />
    Anyhow, i luv warm cookies, chocolate, texting(parents r evil... i have no texting *sob*), computers, nice pplz, boys with a little bit long hair with that swoopy-thing (if they're cute, that'll do too :] ), anime, gaia, snoozing, friends, and, well, all cute and fuzzy toys, animals, aeropostale, and stuff in general. Oh, and practical jokes, too. <br />
    I hate mean people, watery hot chocolate, being quiet(im quiet a lot, but its no fun...), terrible jokes not told by cute boys, no texting(did i already say that??) , ummmmmmm,.............idkkk<br />
    <br />
    love you all for being nice and not being cereal killers *munchmunchmunch*
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