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  • Artist Info: AGE: I'm 14<br />
    REAL NAME: samantha<br />
    NICKNAMES: sam, sammy, short stuff, ichigo, he ren you (my chinese name meaning "_ ninja darkness" wink , itachi, tobi, shikamaru, baka....for good reasons XD, smart@$$, boo, chickenwing, and panther<br />
    LIKES: naruto....a lot, naruto shippuden....total addict to it right here haha, being random with friends, my chinese class....yes i took chinese instead of spanish and its freaking AWESOME!, playing video games, DRAGONS!.....i always wear a necklace with a heavy metal dragon on it lol, wolf's rain, death note, other animes, playing video games with my step dad. (o and hidan rants too lol)<br />
    DISLIKES: naruto haters, naruto shippuden haters, animal abusers (they should suffer the same fate as the animal they abused), waiting, disney channel, disney channel xd cuz they r gona ruin shippuden, nickelback haters, idiots, people that flame/spam, a few....personal people in real life for good reasons, and mornings.<br />
    HISTORY: yea umm....pm me if u wanna know about the other side<br />
    PERSONALITY: my personality switches with the people i'm around. when i'm with close friends i am loud and extremely random. when im with friends i dont knoe that well i am a lil goofy. if i am around parents i go quiet. if im around people i knoe and dont like, people i dont knoe, or people i knoe but dont knoe them personally i go quiet. sometimes i get weird vibes from people and it seems to affect my mood instantly.....dont knoe why.<br />
    BANDS I LIKE: breaking benjamin,green day, three days grace, marilyn manson,flow....a japanese band not hip hop/rap. i hate hip hop and rap.....and finally i LOVE NICKELBACK.
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