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  • Artist Info: my true identity will remain a secret<br />
    i live on planet earth<br />
    i love family guy and deathnote<br />
    i like rock, metal <br />
    i love skiing, biking, swimming, and most other sports<br />
    i have no problem with smacking people<br />
    dont try to add me unless we have had a reosonably long convo.<br />
    I have anger issues sometimes<br />
    i hate society<br />
    i like deep dark cave i am only loud with my friends<br />
    if you dont know me you might think i cant talk i like hair dye i'll shut up now but you can still talk to me<br />
    I am on the darkside i choose cookies over cake(cupcakes still rock)<br />
    worms will rule the world
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