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  • Artist Info: In History I was known the Flower of Oceanna but in current time im known<br />
    as The Queen of the Descolate Lands.....<br />
    Long ago I was known as Queen Rexanna Neviette Demona of Oceana a kingdom that floats upon the sea. My people worshipped me as a goddess and I was revered for my beauty but it was never enough....<br />
    To preserve my beauty I would have my servants bring me the ancient forest nymphs who sang in our lands and tranquility and id have thier hearts cut out and feast upon them to preserve my radiating vanity and it worked<br />
    to be quite clear I am not as young as you'd think me to be<br />
    I bore three children to man who betrayed me and all they were<br />
    to me were reminders of how much I hate ''love''<br />
    so i had them killed....for my way of ''getting things done''<br />
    my people turned against me and in thier hatred cast me out and for that I reacted to curse them! I cast a plague upon them which rendered them helpless and in thier pleas to be saved of my deathly curse I agreed to only let these sad now deformed people serve me for eternity and now starts my new Chapter in history<br />
    I am Lady Demona Fear me or be my toy. the choice is yours<br />
    please donate <3 and in return i will draw you a picture of your avi as a zombie ^_^<br />
    User Image<br />
    Total Value: 660,975 Gold<br />
    [Item Information]<br />
    <br />
    Item List:<br />
    Dark Elf's Staff got it!<br />
    Green Alien Tattoo got it!<br />
    Sasha's Purple Bikini Top got it!<br />
    Les Freaks<br />
    Berserk Conjuror got it!<br />
    Anesidora's Woe<br />
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