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  • Artist Info: My name is Lizzy; I love my name.<br />
    I'm 12.<br />
    I have a passion for dancing, singing, and acting; The Performing Arts overall interests.<br />
    I wear on my heart on my sleeve; extremely emotional.<br />
    The past year has been life changing for me.<br />
    I have a weird laugh that I wouldn't change for in the world.<br />
    MY FRIENDS MEAN THE WORLD TO ME; I would be nothing without them, and when they leave, and I know that I will be.<br />
    I've been told that I'm a beautiful disaster. <br />
    I watch 'So You Think You Can Dance' as if it were a type of religion.<br />
    Vitamen String Quartet is amazing!!!!<br />
    A lot of people don't like me, i'm isolated by many.<br />
    I really don't have many friends.<br />
    I let things get to me to easily.<br />
    I'm outgoing, most of the time.<br />
    glitters my lifesupport, i NEED it to survive. ♥<br />
    Im tall!! Haha!! biggrin <br />
    Music is my life.<br />
    I read and practically study lyrics and quotes everyday.<br />
    I want to be remembered for something great. I don't just want to be someone who lived and never made something of themselves.<br />
    I am easily taken in my photography.<br />
    I am obsessed with sleeping, I could do it all day.<br />
    I am addicted to water, poweade, gingerale, granola bars, and Special K: Chocolate Delight cereal.<br />
    I intend on travelling the world, someday.<br />
    I am usually doing one of two things; crying or laughing.<br />
    Sometimes, both. :p Tehe. <br />
    Cartoons are amazing! smile <br />
    One of my role models is Nicole Kidman <br />
    Reading has become an amazing habit for me. smile <br />
    I have 5 celebrity crushes.:p<br />
    Fleece blankets are amazing! smile <br />
    I live for jumping into huge rain puddles and making snow angels.<br />
    I lack confidence and I need self-assurance every now and then.<br />
    I am always on the internet; MySpace, YouTube, or Gaia!<br />
    I always go onto Youtube watching dance routines, and looking for cool moves to steal. wink <br />
    I am inspired by many of the performers, especially Lady Gaga.,Definitley my idol! (I know it's weird but she has an amazing story!)<br />
    And I have become obsessed with the song "Drops of jupiter" by Train.<br />
    "it's not the truth that hurts, but what's behind it"
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