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  • Artist Info: Teal is my name.<br />
    Negima, Gaming, and being a nerd is my game.<br />
    I can beat you in magic,<br />
    and break your glasses,<br />
    with my face fisting skills,<br />
    trick I pay the bills, <br />
    I'm a metal head fool,<br />
    and I aint no tool,<br />
    so pull up a stool and I'll show you my moves.<br />
    <br />
    I'm 18 years old,<br />
    born in Texas,<br />
    life's been a pain but I don't pay taxes,<br />
    legit style and welcome taste.<br />
    my bestfriend has the name of a state,<br />
    I eat off fine china plates,<br />
    cause everyday to me,<br />
    I live like royalty,<br />
    dine like a rich man,<br />
    and rhyme on my free time,<br />
    take your money and put it in my bucket,<br />
    I got more tricks to show but I have to stay on budget.<br />
    <br />
    I like to rhyme...<br />
    I'm not good at meeting new people...<br />
    which means I'm kinda shy and awkward if I'm around people I don't know as well...<br />
    but if you get to know me...I pity you and envy you at the same time...<br />
    I'm Chachamaru Karakuri's #1 fan.<br />
    I left Drugs, Alcohol, and smoking for Manga, Games, and Magic...<br />
    I'm a bassist and back up vocalist in a non established band...<br />
    I like the color red...<br />
    and the color Teal...<br />
    I'm bilingual, which means when you talk to me in another language I can pretty much figure out you just called me a bad name or your talking about my mother...<br />
    I love Mahou Sensei Negima though, if you know of the manga and like it to, I can go on for a good while about it...and if you know of Negima, please don't be shy to talk to me about it...which is also where the Chachamaru's #1 fan thing comes from...<br />
    If you need anything else just ask me...ok? I'm a simple PM away. ^^<br />
    <br />
    P.S. I support this page<br />
    Ken Akamatsu<br />
    If your a fan of Ken Akamatsu, Love Hina, and/or Negima. I suggest joining this page and helping out a fellow Ken Akamastu fan rebuild a page. <br />
    (It has other topics too!)
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