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    About Me <br />
    Teal by reiving<br />
    My name is Rebecca all my friends calls me Becca <br />
    I can be called Frozen or Sleep because of my nickname here. <br />
    *Im 27 years old and u will love me!<br />
    *sometimes i am hopeless but most of the time i am happy.<br />
    *I'm not so pretty but i am pretty cute. <br />
    *I have a complicated life what means i am strong cause i can deal with it. <br />
    *Most of the time I cant be serious but sometimes I am, and when i am i really do a Excellent work(they are some A's in my grades)<br />
    *Im divorced. (I was young and made a bad decision)... but now i am in love. and love is never a bad decision.<br />
    *I have 2 sons and i love them... he is so cute!<br />
    *I finished school for dressmaking and design... which means i will be a designer. u need a weeding dress? i will do a beautiful one. <br />
    *I am weird on a daily basis.I'm funny on a daily basis. <br />
    *I say stupid things when im tired.. and that can make you laugh its like i have a funny moments every time i am tired and i always am. <br />
    *I'm always available to help friends with any problems when I can. i love to help all of my friends. <br />
    *Im a dreamer of the people and always have a nice face for the future i am always dreaming for a better one.<br />
    *I hate being alone so come with me and i will not be.
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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