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  • Artist Info: Hello too all that's reading this My name is Joseph I'm 33 years old going on 34 years old on oct-24-22 I'm kind too all that tries to get to know me but try not to piss me off I hate bad people that are not nice and kind to me or who ever I'm With and for things that I like I love all music all games all types of anime I love to sing and do art crafts on my free time when I'm not helping someone out hope this helps to somewhat get to know who I am but if you what to know me try asking lol and I love Space, Planets, stars and anything that Astronomy can throw<br />
    at me And also Archaeology and Ancient stuff and horror and cute things I love a lot too :3 oh and I'm from Pennsylvania if you ever what it to know xD and ladies if you ever want to know if I'm single it's definitely true that I'm not with no one at all thats if ya what it to know lol xD<br />
    <br />
    "The saddest part of life is when the person who gave u the best memory, become a memory With In Your 💔''Heart"💔
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