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  • Artist Info: My avatar's name is Cyrus. He is very gay and proud of it. He is pretty shy and does not like to start conversations. He loves to draw, mainly male characters, and loves looking at other peoples' art. He has an infatuation with belts and stripes. Cy loves to dress using such things and he can dress very feminine or in normal male attire. His favorite type of man, when it comes to looks, is usually along the lines of a goth or punk look. Cy is very caring but can be a huge bitch if he feels threatened. Cyrus likes all kinds of music. He will sit and listen to music while drawing for hours on end. He is also huge on shopping and video games as long as he can afford everything and as long as the games are 1 players RPGs<br />
    <br />
    That's the basics of Cyrus, or Cy if you prefer.
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