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  • Artist Info: I love vampires. Read the name stupid. I do curse, so if you don't like cursing, then don't talk to me. I may look goth, but I am not. I wear black, but pretty black. I would wear black dresses and frilly stuff like that. My favorite Nitendo character is Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galxy and Super Mario Kart Wii (I beat both of those games). Right now, I am in the middle of writing a book called Dead Man Walking.I'm writing 'normal' right now, but on usallly this is my writing :<br />
    OMG how r u?! lolz! kewl! np dude! nvm -_- wtf?!<br />
    See how differant? I love anime artwork, but not the TV shows. Well, I've seen parts of TV shows on youtube and I loved them except, I never know when they are on!!! I like to go on clubpenguin and youtube. I'm a lot younger than you may think. (12 years old) *GASP* ;D
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