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  • Artist Info: My name Is Cheyenne I'm 14 and I come from the bottom of Australia.<br />
    There really is not much about me that interesting but I enjoy reading, playing my xbox, drawing and writing.<br />
    I hope to become Demonologist or a Paranormal Scientist/investigator in time.<br />
    My favorite shows are Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures (Not just because Zak Bagans is so hot).I don't really care much about boys and blah blah like a normal girl my age would, really I just find all that stupid. <br />
    I rather spend most my time by myself or people who are not idiots ( There are way to many at my school) Though I'm not a loner and i have many friends. <br />
    I really don't care much for some people even though I have not meet them, it might seem unfair but its mainly because I have been bullied so much when i was at Primary school.<br />
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