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  • Artist Info: Hai and welcome to my profile and all its crazyness. I am a 21 year old taken female. (although I am still kinda a flirt xD) I love to read ( a lot of manga but i do read regular books too. I love Dragonlance and Im still trying to finish Inhertence Dx) I like to pretend that I can draw but Im still trying to be my best. One day Ill open an art shop and try and make my wish list smaller. (even though I know that wont happen. i like stuff too much heart ) I love to have random conversations and Im pretty easy to talk to. I dont accept random frind requests though. I dont really like haveing frinds on my list that i never talk to stare . Hmmm. I have an alternate personality. Shes kinda mean and doesnt show up often. (normally when Im in a pissy mood or uber depressed. I normally dress in red when im like that) I also have kids. They are uber young still. Umm dats about it. <br />
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    Oh dats meh xD<br />
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