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  • Artist Info: Hi.. Well, to start with, my name is..er..Annie.. Haha. Yeah, *cough*..I like people..yeah, I can get along with all types..I don't hate newbies.. (I hate noob-haters) Well, this could go on forever..so I'll make it brief:<br />
    I love reading, especially Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie( she's ma fav author ;) ) I like reading mangas, there's one you should try out- "Orange Marmelade". It's really good. Watching movies, cycling, reading and of course, yes, MUSIC. I LOVE music. Mostly pop, country, rock- Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Akon, Enrique Iglesias, The Script, Omg, MJ!!!, and, well, yes, undoubtedly, Backstreet Boys..Avril Lavigne, Pitbull (yes, I like his songs, but I hate his attitude) <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Gosh, typing....Well, I like watching TV series- "Friends", "Big Bang theory", "Castle", "CSI-NEWYORK", well, well, this is tiring you, ain't it...I'm quite talkative when I'm in a mood to talk. :P Okay, about GAIA, been a member since 2010. Not too rich, actually quite broke..Oh well..-.- I don't mind random PMs as long as they are not hate mails or some other rubbish. -.-
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