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  • Artist Info: A simple description? Fine.<br />
    My name is Faith Ann Dye, most of my friends call me Faithy. But on gaia, if I don't know you in real life, call me Chem(Pronounced: Kem). I'm thirteen, a female, and bisexual. I'm interested in novels, writing, painting, sketching, music, dancing, singing, amusement parks, and my friends. I'm not a fan of drugs, but I'm getting use to my druggie friends. I hate the feeling of falling, and I'm afraid of falling in love with the wrong person. Some of my talents consist within The Arts, but I'm greatly interested in tinkering and reverse engineering, even if I haven't tried it yet. Any questions may be answered below.<br />
    And I'm not exactly interested in dating. If you wish to win my heart, make sure you know me well first.<br />
    <br />
    ChemicallyKissed<br />
    Name: Faith Ann Dye<br />
    Nickname: Faithy, Chem, Monster<br />
    Family: <br />
    I'm the youngest in my family. I have two brothers. The younger brother, Nicholas, he's 18. Born on Pearl Harbor Day(Not the actual ACTUAL Pearl Harbor Day). The Older(and oldest) child, Matthew, isn't a child. He's 24. Then inbetween those two men, is my sister, Rachael. She's 21. I have one mother and a deceased father. He died September 20th, 2008, aged 44 just turning 45. He was a very comedic father and he loved his children very much. He was unfairly taken from us by a Cue Lukiemia(Pretty sure that's how you spell it). And my mother still lives today. Her birthday just passed by in March, so currently she's 39. Oh, yes. My siblings are half-siblings. We had the same father, not the same mother.<br />
    Sex: Female<br />
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual<br />
    Race: Canadian White(Vampire twisted )<br />
    Birthdate: May 1st, 1998<br />
    Age: 13<br />
    Blood Type: I have no clue.<br />
    Hair Color: Shoulder-length, thick, rich, naturally curly, brazilian coffee-brown hair with a blonde fringe(highlights).<br />
    Eye Color: Often Changes, Although it always keeps that hazel/golden splat of colour around the pupil. Sometimes my eyes will carry both blue and green colours in both eyes, creating an earthy quality within them.<br />
    Complexion: Fair, but has that Enigma condition.<br />
    Weight: 130 lbs(Yet I appear to look 113 lbs?)<br />
    Height: 5'3"<br />
    Type of Body Build: Big Shoulders, long torso, long arms, (somewhat)jiggly tummy, short legs. Small chest, little curves(so far).<br />
    Distinguishing Marks: N/A?<br />
    Skills: Singing, Sketching, Writing<br />
    Abilities: I tend to know how anyone(including pets) is feeling just by reading their facial expressions and body language carefully.<br />
    <br />
    Personality: I'm funny, I'm goofy, and I'm definitely a hopeless romantic. I'm a proud fanfiction writer, who feels that her writing isn't... passionate enough. I tend to only pay attention to things that interest me, specifically writing my own little stories, and ancient Chinese history. I'm very lazy when it comes to projects and work, and I'm quite the scaredy-cat when it comes to something like horror movies and well... rats. Yes, I'm an animal lover but I'm afraid of rats. Hahaha, get over it. I'm selfless, cautious, and paranoid of pain. I'm kind of like a bipolar, my emotions usually swing back and forth here and there, and usually determine my personality for the day. I usually dwell on the past, and try to do my best when it comes to making friends. I'm open-minded, ambitious, and a hard thinker. Though I appear as a casual, fun-loving girl, I prefer to be alone so I can work and find other ways to express the true me; an independant, mature, strong, hard-working teenage girl who appears to be misunderstood among people my age. I tend to be klutzy, mean(to certain people), and probably a little too sensitive.<br />
    Style: Pageboy-Emo<br />
    Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Writing, Sleeping, and avoiding homework.<br />
    Likes: <br />
    - Writing<br />
    - Ancient Chinese History<br />
    - Dreaming<br />
    - Candy<br />
    - Rollercoasters<br />
    - Arcades<br />
    - Italian Food<br />
    - Anime/Manga<br />
    - Rock/Metal music<br />
    - Dubstep<br />
    - Sketching<br />
    Hates: <br />
    - Secrets<br />
    - Critism<br />
    - Jocks/Whores<br />
    - Sadness<br />
    - Doctors<br />
    - Needles<br />
    - Drugs<br />
    - Irritating People<br />
    - School work<br />
    - Immature people<br />
    - Feeling Broken Hearted<br />
    - Being discluded<br />
    Favorite Color: Black<br />
    Favorite Food: Italian Foods(Pizza/Pasta)<br />
    Favorite Drink: Diet Coke<br />
    Habits: Picking at my arms, biting my nails, fidgeting<br />
    Background: I don't enjoy talking about it. Get over it.<br />
    Drives and Motives: I am actually trying to take off twenty pounds, but I can't get my lazy ass off the computer chair. cat_sweatdrop <br />
    Good Characteristics: I'll throw myself out into the lines for others.<br />
    Character Flaws: Sensitive, Klutzy, Lazy, Anti-Social.<br />
    One word they would use to describe themselves: Socially Awkward.<br />
    How do they relate to others: Depends on the person.<br />
    Little Details:<br />
    I want to learn psychology.<br />
    I am considering the occupations of being a Mechanic/Engineer, an Author, an Actress, Musician, or Architectual Designer.<br />
    I believe I have ADD and that multiple personality disorder.<br />
    I am family and knowledge oriented.<br />
    I am accident prone.<br />
    I fall in love too easily.
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