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  • Artist Info: Hello, my name is Xiate. I am a writer that is trying to the impossible for myself. I am trying to write a book. My book revovles around the character Xiate and what her life becomes after she meets Wolfwood. I post her story up in the arenas everytime I have a chance to. I have an editor Mysticrydder. She has been a very big help to me with my writing. <br />
    I love wolves and I love music besides writing. I play the flute for a highschool band. I like to take walks through forests and take walks in the dark with friends. I like my time alone, but I love having friends around to talk to. I'm usually the person that most people come to for advice and I try to help them as much as possible. I have an annoying younger brother that thinks he is tougher than me, but he doesn't know that I let him win fights at times. ^^ I love to play videogames, mostly RPG though. There are a few other types of games that I play. OK I my brother is now kicking me off the computer talk to everyone later! ^^
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