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  • Artist Info: hey ppl. i gotta tell u about me! well im awesome and soo is everyone i know!! im almost always hyper!!! and when im not hyper im tired sick or i am bored out of my mind. well anyway i have two mottos that stay close to my heart:<br />
    1. Stay on the sunny side<br />
    2. if u luv someone and they break ur heart don't give up on luv have faith restart just hold on<br />
    these mottos are wat i live by. or at least try and live by. i luv to tell my self tht if a guy ever breaks my heart i will b fine. its his loss. im a pretty awesome girl to hang around and anyone who betrays me or breaks my heart will (hopefully) regret it!<br />
    <br />
    now i know they r not exactly original cuz #1 is off of a commercial and #2 is off of a jonas bros song (i think j-bros are kool) anyway i luv to draw and i am recently learning how to draw anime from of course the internet where else? my "friend" (this girl in my class) was teaching me how to draw anime and all she taught me was the eyes and the face and quit. i hated it. Anyway, i really luv the fact that i am soo totally in luv with the color orange and i wish half of my rl wardrobe was orange and half of my gaia wardrobe was orange. my hair color is actually brunette but i really wish my hair color was the color it is on here! no joke about it if anyone knows ariana grande also known as kat from victorious, well anyway i luv her hair color and i wish my hair color was that color. <br />
    <br />
    THIS IS NEW:<br />
    I LUV TEXTING....I JUST GOT A FONE.....my fone is awesome<br />
    <br />
    well that is all i have to say about me right now. trust me this will get changed alot i will have other stuff to say or i might change my fave color or what i want my hair color to be or what my mottos r or anything else i have on here. well thanx for reading. peace out. bye!!!! *i wave*
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