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  • Artist Info: Lily (リリ, Riri) is a member of the Baskervilles who used to live in Sablier.Lily was born one hundred years before the present time in a village called Ebauche to a large but relatively poor family. She was neglected by them because she wasn't useful and was blamed for accidents that would happen when she was around. When she was still very young, she was branded with a mark that symbolized the devil and banished from the village into the woods. It was at that time she was found by a strange light that led her to the Baskervilles, where she was taken in by them. Lily felt accepted by the Baskervilles even more after that Fang and Doug also took a tattoo like hers in their faces be cause they thought it was cool, that made her very happy.<br />
    Lily's shocked reaction to all that happened when she was away.<br />
    After the Tragedy of Sablier, she fell into the Abyss like the others, and finally emerged from the Baskervilles' door when Lottie, Zai, and Zwei visited Sablier. She was then told about Glen's death and joined the hunt for the fragments of Jack Vessalius's body, which were being used to sealing Glen's soul and prevent him from resurrecting.
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