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  • Artist Info: hi my name's tabitha carr(: i'm 15 years old whee & there's this guy(: he's so funny, cute, & amazingly gorgeous. he's the kind of guy who'd laugh at me if i fell, but pick me up, dust me off & kiss the tears away(': i love him soooooo much<3 but the best part about him is that... he's in love with me ^-^ i'm in love with him too smile & haha these are some of the faces i make when isee him: eek biggrin mrgreen redface blaugh smile whee lol 3nodding dramallama rofl also... but just between you & me... i'm secretly a ninja ninja so watch your back wink add me on facebook too 3nodding raggedytab_15@ymail.com biggrin love you brianna, jackie, savannah, mom, & all my other friends heart but most of all(: i love you michael, with all my heart<3<br />
    <br />
    "Do you want to know what my problem is? I will tell you what my problem is… <br />
    I love you. I love your name, I love the way you look at me, I love your <br />
    gorgeous smile smile I love the way you walk, I love your beautiful eyes, I <br />
    love the sound of your laugh, I love the way you get mad, I love the <br />
    way I don't understand you at all. I love the way I can be having the <br />
    worst day of my life and seeing you completely changes my mood. I <br />
    love how when you touch me I get weak, <br />
    that's my problem..."<3 ~unknown(:<br />
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