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    I DO NOT Accept Random Friend Request!!! If u would like to Befriend me, we need to chat or have met on Zomg or forums or somethin. Most of the time i'm bored anyway so i Don't mind a good Conversation. heart
    <br />
    <br />
    ~~~Hello there random person who decided to look at my profile!~~~<br />
    Here’s a little short Description of Myself:<br />
    I am female, living in the Eastern part of the US. I’m currently a rising Senior in high school FINALLY! But for some reason I feel that I am too little to be a senior. I am nervous about college and having to deal with the thought of it @_@ because I just don’t feel like I’m ready for the stress and pressure of it but oh well… I hope to go to school and study Game Art Design and not move so far away from home, but it’s a tough task especially where I live at, being rural country. Since game art school is in fact expensive and tough to just find the perfect school, I have also had my thoughts on other career paths, such as having a job that involves contact with animals. I also have the dream in actually COSPLAYING as a character and attending an Anime Convention. Hopefully me and my group of friends can get a group together and do some skits!.... Hey i done my first skit with my friends! Sure i didnt have a main part (in fact a weird and creepy part) but i enjoyed it! Hopefully it will be on Youtube soon!<br />
    heart My Various LIKES! heart <br />
    ✯Sushi<br />
    ✯Cats and other animals ( I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 fish :3 )<br />
    ✯Drawing in traditional and digital art (sometimes does free art)<br />
    ✯Video Games!! (Kingdom Hearts, Okami, LOZ, Pokemon, etc…)<br />
    ✯Anime and Manga! (Naruto, Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, etc…)<br />
    ✯Playing in Band and Marching Band <br />
    ✯In school, math and science are kool<br />
    ✯Sewing and other crafts that involve creativity<br />
    ✯And most IMPORTANTLY, Hanging out with my friends on gaia and @ School biggrin <br />
    <br />
    My DISLIKES… the HORROR! (✖╭╮✖)<br />
    ✘Onions (HATE that they squeak against my teeth! Dx )<br />
    ✘Mushrooms<br />
    ✘High Def Pics of Insects and Spiders O_O<br />
    ✘When my cat’s at home get into a fight (Geez such friendly kitty bonding >_>’’)<br />
    ✘When people make fun of me for my shortness >: I<br />
    ✘Cleaning… who does really? : /<br />
    ✘Writing papers for English class! HATE ENGLISH AND HISTORY! UGH!! <br />
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