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    Hello I am DarkLoverMine! You can call me Dark! I am friends with tons of people on here! I love new friends even if I seem shy or very aggressive at first (that what my buddies say at least). Anywho (hehe who(sorry I'm a Doctor who fan)) I am nice to everyone unless you are being mean to someone who doesn't deserve it then I will come at you and make your life hell or be annoying as possible since I absolutely detest people who pick on other or are just plain rude. Also a little notes about myself, I love to RP, I sing a lot, I tend to be more outgoing when I know you better, I may seem rude at times but I am just very embarrassed or just not used to what is going on, and I am normally very bubbly. <br />
    <br />
    I will write more later
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