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  • Artist Info: Hello my name is Joshua, people causally use Josh so i don't care what you call me. Well this is about me. I love anime and games (of course). I've never experience a relationship because people usually cares about looks now a days.<br />
    i love music because they let me express feelings that i hide to people but sometimes i try to express them without music to show them i am telling the truth.<br />
    I'm always scared of bugs for example: a spider. I try to take care of my friends a lot but sometimes i take it overboard so they start to hate me but sometimes because of some secrets. Oh yea i am bi to (don't hate me because of that single thing) and i am always annoying (i guess i don't know when i am) and i don't care what people say to me but i do care when someone is talking bad about a friend of mine. Well that is all the basics about myself if you want to learn more then try being closer to me. ^_^
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