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  • Artist Info: Hello My name is Sarah.<br />
    18 years old and I live in Puerto Rico.<br />
    I am a Senior in High School ^.^<br />
    My hobbies are basically to sing and go to school. xD<br />
    I am an excelent student *WOOT*<br />
    I also love to act and play the guitar.<br />
    I am taken so please don't ask. I don't believe in<br />
    online dating, but I respect those who choose to be<br />
    in an online relationship. :3<br />
    I donate blood to the red cross but I WILL NOT, donate<br />
    items so, don't bother asking...<br />
    Not to be cruel or anything but I just won't do it.<br />
    EARN IT!<br />
    Well anything else you would like to know, feel free <br />
    to ask, I wont bite :3<br />
    <br />
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