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  • Artist Info: My name is Christopher Luna. <br />
    I am 21 years old and been in the military for over 3 1/2 years now. <br />
    I am a Gunners Mate 3rd Class and I have no desire to rank up any further seeings as I'm getting out and that would take away from someone who actually needs the rank. <br />
    I am 6'4" and I weigh 230 lbs at 10% body fat. <br />
    I am a self-proclaimed philosopher and a Christian that lives as a Christian and not as church going, Pastor following sheep. <br />
    I live by a code of faith and honor, keeping always in good spirits for those around me. My motto is "Live by faith and honor those you cherish." I'm no pushover. I find people mistake my kindness for weakness far too often. I don't get angry often, nor do I raise my voice and yell at people very often, but when I do, it's damn near apocalyptic, from what I've been told. <br />
    I am a martial artist. Thanks to gratuitous amounts of video games, a lot DBZ and other Manga sources, as well as superheroes from Marvel and DC alike and their influence on me, I ended up enrolling in Muay Thai and Kickboxing. I've been doing those for 11 years now along with 5 years Hagakure and 4 years Jeet Kun Do. <br />
    I'm a damn good Marksman. I can take the head off a target from 300 yards away with a .44 without too much difficulty. Yes, It's a handcannon and it has a max range for 55-75 yards. I know this. <br />
    I am a Cat person. I don't mind dogs that much so long as they're dogs and not cat-sized dogs. If you want something Cat-sized, get a fucking cat. I prefer either completely white or completely black long-hair cats, and as for dogs, I prefer White or Black Husky-wolves. My previous one, Blue, was a Husky Wolf that passed away from Kidney failure. Massive dog... I miss that dog.<br />
    I have a sad history with a grand multitude of depressing things that have happened to me. Some are horrific, others are just sad. With that said, I wrote off my past after I got out of highschool and decided to take the proper path in life; one of enlightenment and of video games. I'm not a sad or depressed person. I do hate myself for mistakes I've made in the past with people I care about, but otherwise, I'm outwardly upbeat. <br />
    I've never touched a drug in my life, save for Caffeine. On occassion, when with a few friends at a bar like the Tilted Kilt or somewhere interesting that isn't Hooters, I have a drink or two. Nothing serious. I've only been drunk once in my life and I was completely dehydrated, playing video games in a room alone with a liter of Kraken Rum. I was super loose and relaxed, but my stomach hurt. Never got drunk since then simply because I can't consume enough alcohol to get rid of the amount of water I intake daily. That... and I don't really like the taste of most alcoholic beverages. Monster and Dr. Pepper for the win.<br />
    I am an artist in multiple ways. I play a variety of instruments, a few of which I haven't picked up in a few years, I'm a scream vocalist for a metal band, I draw and paint, and I'm seeking a career in Game and Art Design as Storyboard Director with Character creation. <br />
    I am a dreamer, a schemer, and forever and honest man.<br />
    If you have any questions, please, feel free to PM and ask. Chat with me over stupid nothingness. I'm always up for pointless conversation. <br />
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