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  • Artist Info: Ello there will first off ima be real here my gaia character is a guy but in fact im a chick i dont know i guess i like gender bending or just tricking peopl ha,<br />
    Anyways im 15 my real name is Roxana but you guys can call me Wolfy<br />
    i like music indie, rock, pretty much everything except country and todays faggity pop or rap shit.<br />
    Anime is my all time thing im obsesed with it<br />
    LEGEND OF ZELDA is my love heart heart heart <br />
    Mother Nature is my God heart heart heart heart <br />
    (to the people that ive lied about my gender and crap sorry i wont do it again)<br />
    all in all lets just hang and goof off everybody im quite friendly and id pretty much protect yo noodle faces blaugh
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