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    About me <br />
    My name is Carnelius Peru Johnson i'am nineteen going on 20 Feb eighteen.I just passed high school waiting for graduation to come after that off to find a job then collage.I would like to be a red cross worker or, rescuer I have a thing for helping people I have been doing it trough out my life. I don't do it for the money I do it because my heart compels me to help those in need.I remember that time not so long ago I stop this Asian guy from, getting his laptop stolen from a fellow African American. *sigh* Any ways I do not believe in faith (god) I just don't. I believe mankind has a choices to make of their own, I do believe in fate and destiny though I also believe in the good and bad of the human soul.I do not do good deeds for the lord I do them because they'er the right things to do.<br />
    <br />
    However I do not go around bashing on other peoples religions to each their own, as for race if your a racist your the least mother fucker i want to see :T Plan and simple.I don't do all that STUFF emo,scene and etc I seen some crazy shit in my life but yeah XD .I try not to judge others but like every human being I have a hard time swallowing the ideas,(Of Differences) then I get use to and I don't care anymore.Example:Homosexual I didn't give a shit when they could get married their normal people like everyone else so stfu and get use to it.Seems people try to bitch about anything these days. As for music I don't care for all that new age rap music and all that up to date crap, the music listen is more mature and has meaning to it ( look up nujabese and find a few songs smile etc ) These songs these little kids like are annoying stuff they shouldn't be hearing but, hey to be wise and old you must be young and stupid.However some kids have sense in their skulls and know what they wan't in life yeah you know who you'er smile . And they do NOT become hoes,sluts,pot heads, alcoholics, thugs etc those are the people I spend my time with not little fools.<br />
    <br />
    As for what I like to do I like a lot of stuff even though I suck at social things, to shy a guy and also I don't know how to is all it is about change though. I read books a lot I buy my own books got like 6 from one author, games I love games ,rpg,shooting games and mostly fighting games ( Marvel vs capcom 3) Use to have a xbox B). I'm into fantasy stuff wizards, demons, elves etc but I don't do that dress up stuff lol, I like anime dbz will always be the best for me but, Fairy tail now that is a anime.I'm what you call a outcast In high school was not in the, in crowed but in middle school I was joker and a fighter,....lots of fights trough out my life.As my personality goes I'm a good man trying to do good things in a messed up world, though my personality varies form person to person depending on what kinda person I ''adapt'' I can be really funny at times,I know a lot others see me as wise because I say wise things, I give advice but, it's hard to fallow it you know,i'm mostly optimistic and friendly however, I think out side the box that is why most of my rpc are so bad ass, when i'm not well or pissed I change and I can be at times ''harsh'' sorry if I make you mad.<br />
    <br />
    I don't have pets,I like women, I don't care for drugs and I don't like the choices that people do them,thy'er a waste of time and kill you slowly same thing with alcohol! People think weed all good are annoying find another way to relax! One that wont get you locked up come on be smart. One more thing i'm single have been since 9th grade, love is weird for me not going to get into the many problems i have had jeeez. I Hope you enjoyed my little story of me Take care smile <br />
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