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    ~*About Me*~ <br />
    Name: Vinny Love Hamilton <br />
    Nick Names: Peaches , Vin, Tobi, Ratchet, Equius. <br />
    Birthday: Aug 12 <br />
    Gender: Male <br />
    Height: 5'3" <br />
    Relationship/sexuality status: Engaged, Bisexual <br />
    Religion: None <br />
    Likes: Drawing,video games,cosplay,Rammstein, Hannibal lecter movies and books , Photography, Homestuck, Metallica, pearl jam, Gorillaz, Daft punk, Rammstein, Five finger death punch, Iron maiden. <br />
    Dislikes: Rude people,smelly things,Morons,Plastic Women, Whorish women,sexist people, conservatives,racists, hardcore Christians, spoiled children, parents who don't know how to raise children, people who use the phrases "swag" and "yolo", Bronies, homophobia, fantards who rage at you if you don't like their crack pairings, the plastic casing around new headphones,and a lot more.
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