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  • Artist Info: I am outgoing,<br />
    I am abstract, <br />
    I am opinionative,<br />
    I am NOT shy,<br />
    I am not shy about letting you know my opinions,<br />
    If I dont like you, you will know,<br />
    I like almost everyone,<br />
    I love way to much for my own good,<br />
    I am caring,<br />
    Sometimes so caring that I get hurt,<br />
    Im very scared of getting hurt,<br />
    I am very noise,<br />
    I like to know everything,<br />
    I usually know pretty much everything anyways,<br />
    I can be timid...if im not sure,<br />
    I love coockies, they are my weekness,<br />
    I can be overly stupid, <br />
    I am anoying,<br />
    I am strange,<br />
    Im sure you dont know anyone like me, <br />
    But...thats why people love me ;P<br />
    I am creative,<br />
    I have goals in life,<br />
    Dont get in the way of my goals,<br />
    Or I will not like you,<br />
    Dont be stupid...No one likes stupid people,<br />
    I am a stupid person....<br />
    See....I am a hypocryt,<br />
    I hate hypocryts,<br />
    I cant spell....in case you havent noticed,<br />
    I have people in my head....yes I said it,<br />
    They drive me mad,<br />
    I would hope I am crazy...otherwise I dont have an excuse,<br />
    I am randome,<br />
    If you want to you can come talk to me about something randome...<br />
    Sometimes I will just start to talk about aliens,<br />
    I like to talk..<br />
    I am usually extreamly LOUD<br />
    I have a tendency to piss people off,<br />
    Usualy beacuse I am being to loud,<br />
    Or I am being obnoxious,<br />
    Yes I have my issues,<br />
    Sometimes worse then others,<br />
    I think I have a slight case of OCD,<br />
    If you dont know what OCD is....get a life...discover google,<br />
    I can be a hypocondryact,<br />
    Again I cant spell, <br />
    I like music,<br />
    Scratch above statement, <br />
    I LOVE music,<br />
    I play many insturments, <br />
    I am a band geek,<br />
    Feel free to say it... its not offensive, <br />
    I am myself,<br />
    I dont realy care that much what you think of me,<br />
    <br />
    I am awesome,<br />
    I love my friends,<br />
    They love me,<br />
    <br />
    Yup...thats about all<br />
    <br />
    http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/chatterbox/post-pics-give-hugs-n-kiss/t.33078877_91/#97<br />
    my pics fourm<br />
    Meet Me<br />
    User Image<br />
    Im sexy, Deal with it
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