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    Hello there, newcomer. Welcome to my world (profile). I'm the Underground King and I ain't been found (til' now). Grab some snacks, get comfortable and lets go over this place I call my childhood. I'm an '07 member from long ago. I've crossed paths with many people that later became my friends. Over time, I would eventually master the art of fooling around making me a natural vaudevillian amongst my peers. My life on the other side continues to surprise me. I'm just your local drifter living life and having some fun with video games and pursuing my career in the art field one day. I have an on and off relationship with this website to the point where I come to check up on friends exclusively nowadays. I always ask myself the blatant question whether I've reached insanity or expect when they will respond to me on discord those lazy f---. <br />
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    My pass time around here is working on cosplay projects (which I have a portfolio's worth) and giving advice to friends [who needs it]. I'm confident in the cosplays I put up front that on occasion I'll post in the Cosplay Arenas or maybe Runway. I am a firm believer of fair competition but at the same time no one can equal my talent. I honed my craft into this hobby so well that I can practically be any cosplay I desired both male or female. Competing with me is pointless but if someone does one to rival my work, you'll be sorely disappointed. I'm just putting that bluntly. My real life career has taught me a lot about competition as an artists and at the end of the day, it's pointless to have this mindset on art. There will always be someone better than you. What I deal with my work is solely my take and no one elses. They all have room to improve at some points but make no mistake, those are my fresh critiques I refer to myself only. I'm just a passerby cosplayer who is maybe miles above others but I'm doing all this for fun at the end of the day, so don't you forget it. I'm here to capture the hearts of millions with my work and challenge one's perception to become better. Just like me. <br />
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    On a side note, the doors are open to any lady out there that's willing to shoot to their shot on me. Be full warned, I still harbor some old feelings from time to time but please don't take it personally. Love is about the journey of one's relationship exclusive only to them. Every woman I've dated are unique but I refuse to say who had it better. But I will say this upfront that I've met one such woman... so sweet and so cool who put a fool like me head over heels. She shattered my soul in the right places and taught me an important lesson after such a bittersweet end. She was a lovable idiot that I can deem irreplaceable. The best way I could describe this woman is the right person at the wrong time. It's hard to let her go after all these years just moving on, though it doesn't mean I won't give the attention to other woman. This feeling's old and I know but I loved her so. -sighs- That's all I need to get out of my system. Now back to business; I'm not one to be picky on appearance nor height. Just be yourself and understand that I'm a simple guy with good intentions. Don't overthink it. Just go with the flow. I'm a lot more interesting once you get to know me give or take.<br />
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    I've got goals in life that I want to accomplish but I'm taking my time when I get there. I like to help people for the better. I'm humbled enough to resonate with the pain of others and have a deep understanding of empathy, but it doesn't mean I can be taken for granted either. I only care for the handful I deemed worthy but for everyone else, it's all strictly casual. I'm agnostic but I appreciate the good teachings of any religion that I believe can universally help everyday life. The world needs optimists and while that can be impossible sometimes I firmly believe that good people don't deserve the sh--- that's done to them in life. There's beauty in the struggle and hard work will eventually pay off. It should never be looked down upon by others who live too comfortably or cheated to be at the top. This is but a fraction of my own ideals and beliefs but I'm getting too ahead of myself.<br />
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    I've got no interest causing or being a part of drama, period. Any words taken out of context and used to slander my character have never truly known the kind of person I am offline nor given me a chance because of misinformation. We live in an internet society full of false flags, snakes, and cancel culture that misuse victimhood incorrectly. As the saying goes: "Your triggers are your responsibility. It isn't the world's obligation to tiptoe around you." People fear what they don't understand. Hate what they can't conquer. That's what makes an inferior man and become monsters. Common sense is severely lacking nowadays and I'm here to remedy it, even if I come off blunt about it. I'm done with individuals that act based on their emotions and pass it as an excuse to do questionable things. To say I watch my back is an understatement. I am a firm believer of facts and logic so I recommend the next time personal feelings gets involved; choose your next words wisely. I wouldn't be saying this stuff had I never been with toxic people disguised as "good" individuals.<br />
    <br />
    ANYWAYS... If you would like to talk to me/ befriend me, I ain't stopping you. Be reasonable before sending me a friend request got that? This sounds like a nitpick but my reasons are justified: I'm not going to force myself to be someone I'm not because of "sensitive" matters or because they don't like my jokes. It's okay to disagree but don't EVER make it self-centered. Talk to me privately and let's have a mature discussion about it. This is one of the last times I'd consider myself being nice but past all that, we're strangers. Earn actual respect and maybe I'll reconsider. Alrighty then... We cool now? yeah. We're cool. Feel free to continue browsing or start planning your conversation so yeah.... hope you enjoy my rant cus' I'm about to head over to my consoles and YouTube binge. Not going to miss it.
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