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  • Artist Info: I love furies.<br />
    I hate security checkpoints at airports.<br />
    I believe the color purple is the answer to everything.<br />
    I believe Tim Burton is the most brilliant man alive.<br />
    I find the smell of bookstores and libraries romantic.<br />
    I don't have imaginary friends, I have imaginary enemies.<br />
    Lasagna is a food group.<br />
    I believe everyone is racist...yes even myself.<br />
    I detest people who read over my shoulder.<br />
    No... I don't care that some famous woman *insert name here* got beat by her boyfriend/husband.<br />
    I eat meat and wear leather - I'll willingly reverse roles when cows are at the top of the food chain.<br />
    No, I will not jump in front of the president...<br />
    If it comes down between me and you, I will send flowers.<br />
    I like soft wool in cool weather.<br />
    I think men who talk tech are shmexy.<br />
    I think I have the right to be left alone in public spaces.<br />
    ok thats it... I got nothing.. But I have my moments.
    <br />
    <br />
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