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    <br />
    Art Gallery <br />
    Art Requests Welcome.. <br />
    PM me for them =3<br />
    I Like: MY BOYFRIEND!! Music; friends; roleplaying; art; chatting; G4; Anime!<br />
    I Dislike: Attitudes; Cocky-ness; know it all: people who act black even though they're clearly not<br />
    I'm a high school graduate now attending Living Arts college in Raleigh. I'm studying to get my BA in Digital Media, trying to work in graphic design. I'm a pretty average person. TAKEN and in LOVE with the best guy ever!! Into music, movies, and gaming. I don't play much but whenever I feel like it I'll get online and play some Fat Princess and Little Big Planet on the PS3. I'm easy to get along with. A very chill person but every now and then I get a little weird and joke around. Occasionally go out with friends but it's mainly on the weekends. Unless there's some spare time during the week. I'm not a party girl.. I don't know how to dance. So it's rare to see me and social gatherings for the most part. Nothing else I can really say but yeah. that's a little about me smile <br />
    Yahoo Msngr: ASK<br />
    also have MSN: ASK<br />
    E-mail: ASK<br />
    Birthday: 7/19/1992<br />
    Occupation: Student<br />
    Anime Fan Since: Age 5 [sailor moon ftw!] xD<br />
    Goals: visit japan, london, finish college, career, and marry the guy of my dreams :3<br />
    Hobbies: Play video games, Draw and listening to music<br />
    Talents: Drawing<br />
    Fav. Color: Blue!!! And black ^-^<br />
    Bro’s er sis’: 3 ..only brothers -.- <br />
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