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  • Artist Info: Hello all! who has heard of the ghost of gaia? i was the first person to figure it out!! then me, my friend shadowochoa, and my friend friend_happy did some investigating we found out how to get him on our profiles. u click edit profile if u r in the new one. click avatar and then when the drop down screen says choose one click add. yup. i figured that out smile yeah when i was originally trying to edit my profile thats y he showed up. same with my friend friend_happy. (jamie) and then we told shadow evrything and he started the forum!<br />
    If you click on him it leads to a profile with nothin done on it and the guy has no name!! but u can send him a pm and add him to ur friends list. allthough he wont reply to either. u cant do comments though.... but yeah. i was the first person to figue out about the ghost of gaia! (than shadow and then jamie)<br />
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