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  • Artist Info: Hi my name is Julie, but you can call me kinky kitty. I'm a weird person, but a cool girl once you get to know me. I have I have two beautiful children. If you ever want to know why I named him that watch one of my favorite movies Reservoir Dogs!! Any way Here is all about me: I'm interesting and wonderful (to some people ^.^) I'm giving and selfish (WAY MORE GIVING/less selfish) I'm outgoing and helpful. I'm crazy and sweet. I'm loud and poised. I'm nice and smiley. I'm kind and polite. I'm smart and cool (in the eyes of my friends ^.^) I'm fun and quiet I love children and I am a great babysitter I DON'T TAKE CRAP FROM ANYONE!!!! (see the movie Dirty Work!! ^.^) When someone says something to me I say something back. I'm a good woman and an amazing mother. I'm silly and love a sense of humor in life I HOPE I INTEREST YOU ALL I"M A GREAT FRIEND ONCE YOU GET TO KNOW ME ^.^ WRITE ME AND I"LL WRITE BACK LOVE YOU ALL JULIE <br />
    (_/)<br />
    (^.^)<br />
    ('')0('')<br />
    ,___,<br />
    (O,O)<br />
    /)__)<br />
    ""<br />
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