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    You win some, & you lose some.<br />
    I mean, You can't dwell on the past forever.<br />
    Not entirely saying you can't have those moments when memories tend to arise. <br />
    But your history should not be a reason to stand still, <br />
    but better yet be your reason to move forward <br />
    (note to self: get that trademarked). <br />
    I shock myself constantly, so spontaneous that its almost predictable. <br />
    But I don't, in any way, feel entitled to please you <br />
    or the people you please. <br />
    But I may want to, for no reason at all. <br />
    I don't view life optimistically, nor pessimistically, <br />
    but much rather in a realistic view. <br />
    People die, people live. <br />
    The unforgiving truth, both equal and opposing.<br />
    Inevitability, I'm an insomniac. <br />
    I spend hours on end, just staring at the clock during the night. <br />
    I have visions of becoming someone, or something known to people,<br />
    but not just for music, movies, tv, or art.<br />
    I want to be known for the words that I speak. <br />
    I want to be independent, but secure with someone by my side. <br />
    The worse thing about being alone, is feeling alone when people surround you. <br />
    So hey. I'm Isabelle.<br />
    Just Isabelle.<br />
    Know me. <br />
    Don't know what you think you know about me. <br />
    <br />
    *<br />
    Ornithophobia. Beach Bum. Proudly Sober. Actor. Costumer. Attempting Herbivore. Sweet&Spicey. Pisces. Antagonistic. Impulsive. Theatre. The Arts. French American. Nudity. Laughter. Social Butterfly. Mania. Zombies. Revolution. Pin-Up. Snuggie. The Birds and The Bees. Arts and crafts. Natural. Music. Dance. Expression.<br />
    Life. <br />
    <br />
    " nobody controls me. i'm uncontrollable. the only one who can control me is me ..and that's just barely possible. " <br />
    - John Lennon<br />
    <br />
    ahh fuckkk thee important sounding about me.<br />
    im isabelle. almost seventeen. i hate greeetings. <br />
    talk to me like youve known me forever . <br />
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