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    name: June<br />
    height: 6'3<br />
    age: unknown but looks to be 18<br />
    race:Lunar Dragon/Demon/elf<br />
    religion:none<br />
    weapons: large buster sword, teeth, claws, tail and wings (she can make her wings razor sharp if she needs to)<br />
    abilities: control of dark matter & summoning creatures<br />
    bio: she was born from dark matter and created to be a killing machine by a dark demon of hell. The demon did not take into consideration what effects the outside world would have on her and gave her emotions and logic.<br />
    personality:she is very silent. she doesn't talk to people easily unless she is being paid to do a task (she is secretly a mercenary [paid assassin]). she falls in love if she meets the right guy. when she is in her human form she is clumsy and loud. smile
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